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Polonnaruwa was conquered by “Chola”Indians, was the first kingdom of cholas, aer defeang Cholas
around 1070 A.D. King Vijayabahu the 1
st developed the Sinhalese governing kingdom in Polonnaruwa.

Next Parakramabahu the greatest king was the most successful ruler and brought a prosperous regional
period with peace and a self-sufficient economy. They even exported excess rice to the foreign countries.

King Nissanka Malla was the next somewhat successful king and others were unable to protect the
connuous dignity of the kingdom, causing the bale of conquering the throne among each other.
However the unbeaten two centuries’ glorious kingdom was broken down with the invasion of Kalinga
Magha in 1214 A.D.

Archeological museum, royal palace,audience hall,swimming pool,sacred quadrangle,shiva
devale,pabalu vehera,rankot vihara, kiri vihara,buddha statue at lankalaka and buddha figures at gal
vihara are some of the most important places that you must visit in Polonnaruwa.

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