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Segiriya bears the eight world wonder: a man created a stone complete kingdom on the top of an
isolated rock with amazing carvings, painngs as well as an unbelievable archaeological planned enre
mansion complex built in the 5th century.
The pompous isolated rock is raised more than 600 feet above the ground with 3km length and 1km

The mirror wall “katapath paura” can be found as the very first self-cricism of the aesthec in the
world, which carries the human thoughts people had shared aer seeing marvelous painngs and

The enre land escaped area of the rock hill ground is 03 acres including a palace, garden and amazing
ponds. Which are never dry and stand witness of unbelievable irrigaon technology which ground water
pumps on to the top of the rock.

The enre palace complex is covered by strong walls, security guard rooms, water moats, natural stone
arches, water sprinkler, well shined crystal statues and shined crystal wall mirror and world famous
painngs that have brought Segiriya heritage up to the eight world wonders.

Following tourist acvies are remarkable in Sigiriya including village tour to experience ancient village
life with their day today acvies including oxen cart rides, catamaran rides, walk towards paddy fields,
cookery demonstraon on tradional Sri Lankan foods and enjoy a tradional meal. You can enjoy
elephant rides through the forest, around and across the lake.

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